6th Grade

Wow – you and your NES student made it to 6th grade!

The last year at NES is special and the end of their Elementary School Experience is in sight. Exciting for kids but bittersweet for parents.
NES celebrates our sixth graders with grade level parties in the gym for Halloween, Winter Break, Valentines Day and the End of the Year. Pizza is served and a DJ helps them rock out.
Instead of Homeroom Coordinators, parents serve as 6th Grade Coordinators and plan other grade-level events. These include off-site trips and mixers with the other elementary schools in the district.

Please Pay Sixth Grade Dues by September 30th, 2023

This year sixth grade dues are $60 per child.  Pretzel Sale fundraisers help off-set the additional expenses. Please reach out to Mrs. Blumenthal if the dues are a challenge and PTO will support your child’s participation.

Last year, we raised enough funds to purchase NES Class of 2029 hoodies for our 6th graders.
This year, our sixth-grade coordinators are led by Valerie Neeld.


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