HRC stands for Homeroom Coordinator. Two HRCs per classroom are selected in grades K-5. HRCs are responsible for classroom communication, organizing and running four classroom parties, and creating a raffle basket for Spring Fling.
YES! Anyone wanting to be an HRC must have all clearances on file with the CRSD. Clearances must be “submitted” by October 15th.
6th Grade is a special year and they have grade-level parties and events.

There are Sixth Grade Dues – and there are mixers for all the students in 6th grade instead of individual classroom parties. Plus there are other special events throughout the year.


Work with the teacher and ask them to send an email on your behalf. Once you have the parents’ contact information, you can communicate directly regarding parties. It is super helpful if you share that contact list with the parents within the first 3-4 weeks of school – that makes it easy to reach out to classmates for your child.
Yes! The PTO Board is here to help! Just let us know what you need and we are happy to provide information or assistance ( The teacher liaisons to the PTO Board are Mrs. Cannon, Mrs.Hoffman and Mrs. Mulholland. The nurse is Mrs. Blumenthal.


You do – this is the best part of being an HRC. Talk with your fellow classroom HRC and plan a few games, crafts and a snack. The parties aren’t long usually less than a half-hour.
HRCs will plan the party and ask for their classroom parents to send materials/snacks directly to the classroom in advance of the party. Creating a sign-up genius is a great way to allow all the parents to get involved. HRCs may collect funds directly from parents.

In past years, the PTO was involved in collection of classroom dues. This formal process will not take place this year. The HRCs manage directly with the classroom parents now.
Reach out to your distribution list and ask for 1 or 2 volunteer(s) to help during the party. A total of three parents are permitted in the class room for each party – an HRC is required.

Please make sure to be fair and give all parents an opportunity to help, and try not to repeat volunteers, unless you have no volunteers and they are needed.
Halloween parade and parties will be on October 31st. Actual times will be communicated closer to the parties by your teachers. All other dates will be confirmed.

  • The Holiday Party is the day before school lets out – December 21st
  • The Valentines Party is on February 14th
  • The End of Year Party is the last day of school, right now scheduled June 10 (but we all know that may change)
YES! Any volunteer who is present and working with students must obtain clearances. The HRC will submit the party helpers names in advance of the party and their clearances will be confirmed.
Each teacher will have information on what is permitted in their classroom. The nurse is a great resource as well. Communicate and submit a party plan inclusive of menu items to the teacher and school nurse within 2 weeks of each party for review and approval.
No. If you have a schedule conflict you can recruit an additional parent volunteer to help organize and attend the party in your place. A maximum of three volunteers will be allowed for each party.


Spring Fling is a super fun event typically held in May – date tbd – with lots of fun outdoor games, food trucks and a color run. Part of the fundraising is raffling off baskets donated by the NES Community.
The NES community donates baskets that are displayed during lunch leading up to the Spring Fling. Tickets can be purchased and dropped into a bag for any basket. At Spring Fling the winners of each basket are pulled.
Each class donates a basket. Pick a theme. Set up a sign-up genius to request donations from your class’s parents. Create your basket it and send it in for display.


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